Updating Airtable with Airtable Forms through Zapier


So I have been creating an application in Airtable only to realize that fields in views cannot be restricted if you are using those fields in other views. So then I spun up a small website that acted as a frontend for my users and now am using Zappier to integrate frontend information to Airtable as my backend.

Check out the Technical Write-up by Airtable

I am doing as the Airtable team has suggested in Using forms to edit tables with Zapier, but I keep getting an error. It seems as if I cannot update linked fields. This is the error that Zapier keeps showing.

"We had trouble sending your test through. Please try again. Error:
api.airtable.com returned (422) Unprocessable Entity and said “Record ID x belongs to table y, but the field links to table z”

Any solution to this: this is really common logic for anyone that is looking to update a database. Shocked to see something this simple not being worked into Airtable already.