Updating automatically several bases from a central base


I am going to create a central base with a lot of information. This base will work as a central hub and an administrator will have access to modify it. Several other account will have a copy of said information so they can work with it. The issue here is that the information may vary over time. I need a way to update the information in the main base and that it gets automatically updated in everyones bases. I have used Zapier in the past to do something like this, but the amount of accounts that need to be updated is such that making a Zap for everyone is extremely costly and a lot of work.
Could you point me in the direction this can be achieved? Either with a simpler Zap or with an native integration or automation in Airtable.
With Zapier, what it would make is that when a record enters a view, i search for the record in another base and update it.
This is not a problem when you have few account to update, but this time I require to update around 100 accounts.
I hope you can help me find a way to manage this.