Updating collaborators

while this https://airtable.com/developers/scripting/api/collaborator is a good start.

Is there any way to get the last logged in date or update the sharing permissions the collaborator might have on the base?


Hi @Nigel_James,

Thanks for your question!

At this time, it’s not possible to update collaborator permissions or get a collaborator’s last logged in date via the public API or the scripting API.

With scripting, you can get the list of active collaborators in your base, and you can update the value of a record’s Collaborator field (if that exists in your table).

Hope this clarifies things!

It does @Erin_OHern thanks for the reply.

Can you please add these to the backlog, queue, suggestion box or other way of collecting ideas if it is not captured already.

It would make it easier for me to update permissions this way for many users over many bases.

Thanks again,

Sure thing, Nigel! :+1: Thanks for the feedback.

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