Updating record via Integromat - Attachments!

I’ve learned quite a bit about how to facilitate the movement of data from another app (Formstack in this case) through Integromat and onto Airtable. However, one little piece of the puzzle is still missing.

Specifically, I’m trying to move many files attached to my FS form into an attachments field in a newly created Airtable record. I can currently accomplish part of this - one file and only one gets added in the update record. Depending on how I set up the flow and which modules I use, it will either be the first or the last.

Has anyone, via Integromat or any other means (Zapier, API, etc), updated a record with an attachment field and pushed in multiple files to that field?

Hey there, does Formstack allow more than one attachment for a given field? I poked around and it seems like they don’t. In that case, you can export your submissions as a CSV, import the CSV into Airtable as a new table, and then use this to convert the imported URLs into attachments.

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