Updating Rich Text Fields?

Any ETA on when Rich Text fields will be supported via scripts?

We are looking into the issue with updating empty rich text cells and hope to fix it soon. Please let us know if you see any other issues though!

Soon, like this week? or sometime in future?

Reason I ask - I have a script I’d like to publish before your launch but its dependent on rich text fields so if you plan to fix it this week, I’ll publish mine today before your deadline.

and I didn’t realize this was a bug. Since rich text fields aren’t in the documentation I assumed they weren’t supported, especially since I was getting an error when trying to update.

But i just confirmed it does work if there is already a value in the cells, but not when empty (which is my use case so will need it to work on empty)

No, the fix won’t go out before the launch, unfortunately.

Hi @Shrey_Banga - any ETA on this fix?

Oh yeah this should be fixed now!

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I noticed yesterday the editor remembers the most recent expanded or collapsed state. Thanks!!! Silent new version push yesterday?