Upgraded wrong workspace

I upgraded from a free account to plus, but accidentally upgraded the wrong workspace. ( upgraded “example bases” - duh). Is it possible to transfer the funds to upgrade the correct workspace? Thanks.

You should really contact Airtable support directly about that (form at bottom of page):

However, if you immediately cancel that subscription, you will be refunded (at the very least, with Airtable credit) that you can apply to your new workspace for a prorated amount. I think they prorate by the day, but it’s possible they prorate by the hour. In any case, the point is, if you cancel it now, you will recover the vast majority of that cost at the next billing cycle.

If you subscribed at the annual rate, then that phrase, “at the next billing cycledoes mean that you won’t get the refund until next year… so in that case, I’d definitely contact support.

just use the move to a different workspace option if theres only a few bases and switch them if theyre both personal bases

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