Upload and download test.zip (or any non previewable local files) thru API


Hi everyone. I have been scratching my head for a while now, and looking at API docs seems to be impossible, however I have High hopes to make this happen.
I am using using filemaker to build API requests, I am already able to do a few transactions adding and retrieving records.
But when it comes to attachments I am hopeless.
I have lets say test.zip archive locally, I need to upload it via api and at some point download it back via API.
from my application (client) I am able to build simmilar transaction to dropbox:
–header Content-Type: application/octet-stream
–data-binary @$file"

ANYONE please help! and Thank you in advance


Hi Eugene, there is post about uploading images(attachments) on this forum. It has a link to my solution and I have written a blog post about how to do this. You find it here:

I have other Airtable API related tutorialst too. You can also check out: https://chinarajames.com/getting-started-with-the-airtable-api/

I used Cloudinary to manage the files. Let me know if I can be of further assistance.