Upload attachment to Airtable

Hi everyone !
I’ve been struggling for weeks now because of this issue and I’m out of options.
What I’m trying to achieve : upload a resized image (original image stored on Google Drive) as an attachment to Airtable. I have tried :

  • Google Drive : I get the infamous “Error Fetching URL Meta Data”
  • One Drive : I reach a limit after 9 integromat automation
  • Dropbox : I tried using the “Download Url” share link which works fine outside of airtable but nothing happens when I load it manually as an attachment (literally nothing, not even an error message)

I would love to not have to use a temporary folder for my resized image and load the file directly as “data” but Airtable doesn’t allow that either.

Has anyone faced this issue and fixed it ?

Thanks !


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