Upload images by Airtable API and S3

Hi, everyone.
I have a question about Airtable API.

As far as I know, Airtable API doesn’t allow direct image uploading and needs a public URL that images are stored.

However, the images include very sensitive information in my case, so that they can’t be stored in public.

In this case I guess I can use S3 presigned URL.

My question is, can Airtable API retrieve images even if the URL is only temporarily available to public?


Yes, the url only needs to be publicly available when Airtable accessed it to upload the attachment. Once Airtable has copied the attachment file, the original no longer needs to be public. Keep in mind that Airtable’s copy of the attachment will be publicly available to anyone who gets the url, even after you delete the attachment.


Thanks for the reply.
OK, then it seems not recommended to post privacy-sensitive files to Airtable.

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