Upload latest file in dropbox to airtable attachement record


One of the things I am trying to automate is sending an email with an attachment.
This attachment is the latest file available in a dropbox folder, that would be uploaded as soon as its available.

Here’s an overview of what I am trying to do:

New file is available in dropbox folder > File is uploaded and added to attachment column in airtable base > Status of row changes to send > Custom email is sent to set email.

This seems possible, but I am stuck at understand how to let airtable know that new file is available.

How would you create this?

The easiest way to do this would be to use an external automation tool like Make, which would watch for new files in your Dropbox folder.

Your scenario would likely be as simple as this:

Great idea, @ScottWorld.

I am trying to rely solely on Airtable to do this so that there are fewer privacy things I have to monitor and consent to.

Didn’t know Make, will definitely learn more about its potential.

Airtable doesn’t offer Dropbox integration, so you will need to use a third-party tool, unless you know how to write JavaScript. Then you can write your own JavaScript solution.

Well, this post had me go down the Dropbox webhook rabbit hole. I created a drop box app, added the Airtable webhook URL, But dropbox requires the webhook respond to a GET request to validate the webhook. I think Airtable webhooks only accept POST. Not sure how to move past that, bummer.

Right, Airtable webhooks only accept POST.