Upload photos from Google Drive to an existing table

Hi everybody,
I’m new here and i passed all the afternoon trying to find a solution…
My boss asked me to add to an existing database photos from a folder in Google drive that have more than 6000 references.
I would like to do it automaticaly, the database has only 300 specifics references and i would like that the system find which photo correspond to which record to add it in attachement files.
Just as a precision if it can helps, the references of each record and the “name” of the photo are the same, i just need the system upload me this 300 specific photos not the 6000 ones.

Thank you !!

Welcome to the community, @Maurine_Genillier!

If you know JavaScript, you can do that by writing your own custom JavaScript that taps into the Google Drive API and then attaches those photos into the properly-matching records.

But the easiest, quickest, no-code way of doing this would be to use an external automation tool like Integromat to take care of this for you. Integromat has full Google Drive functionality:

However, even though Integromat is a no-code platform, there is quite a steep learning curve If you’ve never used it before. So it could take you many hours of setting up & configuring everything correctly in Integromat. Once it’s setup correctly, though, it should work flawlessly forever — even for any new photos in the future.

If you have a budget for this project and would like to hire a professional Airtable consultant and a Registered Integromat Partner to help you with this, feel free to contact me at my website scottworld.com. (The Integromat link above contains my personal referral code.)

You could probably pull this off with Zapier as well, but they have limited Airtable support so I wouldn’t want to send you down that path unless there was some compelling reason that you really needed to use Zapier. Zapier is also more expensive than Integromat.

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