Upload static images to Page Designer from a file

Page Designer allows for static text and images, but the images have to be accessed via a URL. We have images that we can’t locate at a public URL, but would still like to include them on a printable page. As such, we’d love to see the ability to upload images to Page Designer.


We have the same need… to upload an image to the page designer. The image we want to use is not publicly available.


This is a feature we’re considering, but in the meantime, you can upload an image to an Airtable attachment field, then right-click on the image when you’re viewing it to get a URL for that image.


Thanks, I tried to do this - uploaded my images to a new table called Images into the attachment field, but when I copied the URL into the designer block nothing seemed to happen. Any further tips?

Definitely would like the ability to upload images to the page designer in a more straightforward way and without needing a URL, would greatly improve functionality, thanks!


Would super love this feature. I’ve been struggling all day just to get our logo on the page! I tried uploading to my onedrive and my google drives and linking from there but it won’t allow me, even when the images are set to public. I also uploaded to our wix website but can’t get a public link for those since they aren’t actually viewable on our page. It’s getting very frustrating. I’ll add it as an attachment but I’m not a fan of having to create a whole table just for image use. It’s wreaking havoc on my OCD!


I agree, would be great to have the ability to totally customize a PDF to capture data for clients in the page designer block, without having to print a view and then save as PDF and add a logo there…just seems cumbersome. You guys have an awesome product, keep it coming…


I agree with the above!

Helene, I wasn’t having success with this either. But I tried it again, this time when I opened the
image to full size from within the airtable base/record where I had it stored, I right clicked on the
image and selected “Copy Image Address”. Then in the Page Designer Image url field, I did a
Paste. This worked for me. Previously, I was literally copying the url in the browser url field which
I would’ve expected to work, but it didn’t - I just saw a question mark in a box.

Hope this helps you.


Thank you! that completely did the trick and I was able to add the logo. Much appreciated.

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Just to say thanks, Katherine, your tip worked fine for me.

For the benefit of others:

  1. I created an SVG logo file (because it’s scalable without loss of quality and should stay crisp in a Print to PDF process)*
  2. Created a Table in my Base called Assets
  3. Added the logo to an Assets record
  4. Expanded the Attachment field with the logo, and clicked the larger preview to show the full size image on overlay
  5. Right clicked on the full size image and selected Copy Image Address (Chrome), and pasted that URL into my Image item in Page Designer. (NB: not the URL shown in the browser address bar.)
  • If using Illustrator to generate an SVG image, be sure to convert any use of CSS classes that define fill or stroke colours into fill or stroke attribute values on the SVG elements. I’m not sure, but I think Airtable strips out any <style> element in the SVG code.

Thank you! I have been attempting to learn on my own with Airtable and this thread has been so helpful.

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Thank you for this one Jonathan