Uploading a Wordpress featured image in Airtable

Hi everyone !

I am so sorry if my question has already been answered on this forum but I just spent my entire day trying to find a solution…

I need to add some wordpress featured images on my Airtable database.

To do so, I choose the Attachment field type and tried to add the url. Airtable is doing a great job downloading files, but it takes a kind of screenshot of the website whereas I only need the featured image (just a .png or .jpg file !).

For example, if I take this url (https://lexpedia.fr/droit-administratif/arret-blanco-8-fevrier-1873/) and insert it in the Attachment type field, I will need to get the little girl image on a .png format.

Don’t hesitate to tell me if I’m not clear !

Thanks by advance !

Welcome to the Airtable community!

To get only the image, you need the url of the image itself, not the url of the page containing the image.

To further expand upon what @kuovonne mentioned above, you will need to use this URL to get the image of the girl: https://lexpedia.fr/wp-content/uploads/2021/12/arret-blanco.png

I get it ! Thanks a lot !

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