Uploading an image file using webhook

I wanted to make a Siri Shortcut that lets me upload a screenshot to Airtable.
In my Airtable I have these fields:

  • Screenshot ID (autonumber)
  • Screenshot attachment
  • Descriptive text

I got pretty far but either the webhook doesn’t allow images or I’m doing something wrong.

  1. I set up the shortcut to make the webhook request using the “Get contents of URL” command in shortcuts.
  2. Under “Request body” I selected “Form” and then told the shortcut to send the screenshot and some text to describe it. That seems to be the only way shortcuts allows files to be sent out, the other options are text only.
  3. When I test the integration in airtable, it works as long as I’m not trying to send an image. It fails when I test it because the test is sending text into an attachments field.
  4. When I run the shortcut with the image included, the api request fails & it says: Multipart upload was specified but is not supported

When I run the shortcut as text only, it works and the descriptive text is inserted correctly.

Is this ever going to work or have I hit a dead end?
Thanks for your help!

Welcome to the community, @tara_devlin! :smiley: Airtable’s webhook trigger only accepts JSON data as input, which explains why files won’t work. However, if you can find a way to temporarily host the image on another server/service, you could send the URL of the hosted image in the JSON data to the webhook. An Update record action could then insert the URL of the image into the attachment field, and Airtable will grab the image file from the URL and attach it.


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