Urgent: Email from Page Designer


I am using Airtable for our Cattle Trading Marketplace and also for the Animal Feed business I’m involved in. I want to use Page Designer to mail first the deal information and secondly the contracts for each deal. It will save me hours of time because from the records, the dealsheet and contract get populated with data, and if I can just email it as a PDF it will be super. In the mean time thanks for a great effort with Airtable. Never heard of it since a few months ago, but it is awesome and a real lifesaver.

Kind regards,Drikus EKsteen


Hi @Drikus_Eksteen,

if you would like to automate this process, you can do this pretty easily with Integromat.

You’d have to create the following scenario:

  1. receive trigger from Airtable
  2. create PDF of the data using the PDF module (This will take an HTML template and create a pdf out of it)
  3. send the pdf through gmail/mail module.


Hi Jowan

Thanks for coming back. From the looks of it Integromat will do the trick. With a 1000 operations for the free version, it will give ample room for trying it out.

Keep up the good work.