[urgent] React Nextjs app Invalid airtable api key with .env

I’m new to Airtable and I’m trying to build a React Next.js app with Airtable as an api.
here is the relevant code in pages/index.js

export async function getStaticProps() {

var Airtable = require('airtable');

var base = new Airtable({ apiKey:process.env.API_KEY }).base(process.env.BASE_ID);

const table = base(proces.env.TABLE_NAME);

my .env:


even when I’m running the app locally, I am getting error 401 that the airtable API key is invalid. If I print the process.env.API_KEY it is totally fine so the .env does work.
When I copy the same key and paste it into the code, everything works fine!! It seems like Airtable has a strange problem, maybe with next js or something because I can’t get this to work in any way.
I really need to deploy my app and can’t do that without hiding the key in .env/next.config.js…can anyone help on the matter?
deployment error pic


Hey @Digital_Bo

Check out where the error is coming from in the AirtableJS SDK:

That’s a pretty solid hint that process.env.API_KEY is undefined during the build process. Are you certain that Next will have loaded your .env before executing that function?

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