URL Field Support for Local Volume/Fileserver Links


Links that begin file://localhost/Volumes/ should open correctly in the Finder.

This would be a big win for workflow bases.



Ideally this would also work with links like afp://server/volume/. At least in the native Mac app…


I see that this now works; THANK YOU!

Any chance you will add support for links that have a file://localhost/Volumes/ prefix in addition to afp://server/volume?


Seriously, THANK YOU! :raised_hands:

Having functional AFP links is HUGE. Especially in non-user views accessed by link.

But please do add support for clickable AFP links in printed PDFs. Standard HTTP URLs work, but AFP links do not; and seemingly they are working everywhere else.


Talking to myself here perhaps…

But can we get clickable afp:// links in Blocks and exported PDFs?

And ideally file://, smb://, etc. too?