URL filters for embedded base and linked records

Hello. I would like to embed a base with some preset filter applied which users are free to modify/remove if they wish. I know I can create a view where I apoply the filters but then users won’t be able to unapply them. I see the support article on URL filters. This seems to work when I embed an individual table. However, I would like to embed the entire base (so that users can click on linked records).

Can URL filters be applied when sharing the entire base? It does not seem to work for me when I apply the same filter query in the URL as I do for individual table URLs. Am I doing something wrong?

Thanks for the help!

I don’t see any reference to “views” in your thread. Have you tried to create a view, set the filter properties and then share the view embedded in the web page?

Hi Bill. Thanks for responding. Yes I am aware that views can be made with filters applied. However, as far as I am aware, people cannot remove the filters (I want them to be able to view the entire base if they are interested but just have a filter initially which is the most relevant to them). Please correct me if I am wrong.

Also I want to be able to share the entire base and not individual tables/views. So if I created multiple views, all of these views would be visible to everyone else which would create clutter that I am trying to avoid.

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