URL schemes, launch actions, etc


I’m wondering if there are any plans to deploy URL schemes that would enable end users to use Airtable with Drafts or Launch Center Pro (iOS specific, I know). I’d like to be able to open tables and views with a single click rather than scrolling through the Airtable interface. I know I can do this with the Web app, but it would be awesome to do this with the iOS app.


I may have suggested this previously (elsewhere), but it would also be great if one could add a string or URL parameter to a base URL to generate views on the fly.


I would definitely love the ability to use write something in Drafts and then create an action where the draft could be sent over to Airtable and a new record was created.


There doesn’t seem to be any more recent discussion of this here, so I’m replying to this two year old thread. The best information I could find on this was from a blog post on Medium.

That post is also about a year old. If anyone has more up-to-date information on URL scheme support for AirTable, please share! Thanks