URL--Text to Display Feature


another +1 - we’ve been using formula hyperlinks in our tables to send webhooks, would really prefer cells show descriptive text rather than URL to inform the user what the link is for.


Another +1 here. Seems like a no-brainer.



Here is an Airtable formula that builds a link search Amazon for a book listed in the “Title” field:
CONCATENATE(“amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss_2?url=search-alias%3Dstripbooks&field-keywords=”, SUBSTITUTE(Title, " ", “+”))


I used the CONCATENTATE feature to build up the required Amazon search URL (and SUBSTITUTE to replace spaces in the title with plus signs).

If the title of the book is “The Art of Racing in the Rain” the formula will generate the following URL:

Which will do a keyword search with that title on Amazon.

The generated URL would be A LOT PRETTIER if Airtable would let us generate links appeared as underlined text… but you can’t have everything! :wink:

Once you master this technique you can build links that do all sorts of handy things:

  • Search for other books by an author
  • Search Amazon using a ISBN number (which you can read with the barcode scanner!)
  • Quicky see what technology was used to build a web site: https://builtwith.com/airtable.com


Another vote for this one. It’s the one feature that’s holding me back from fully embracing Airtable. Any ETA on when this will be implemented?


Please provide an example of how a formula can be used to produce a clickable URL. Thanks!


Hi! Also interested in this capability! Thank you!


Is there a way to lead a phone number? That would help a million!! :slight_smile:


David, Not quite sure what you mean by “lead a phone number”, but there is currently a field type for phone number.

Create a new field of type “Phone Number” and 10 digit number you enter will be auto formatted.

e.g. 8005551212 becomes (800) 555-1212

If you want to override the US format you can enter your own formatting which will turn off auto format for that record.

Here is a GIF showing the feature in action.
(You might have to click the image to get it to play - depending on your browser / platform).


I’m not sure I’m clear how this works but since you’re using an Amazon example would love to know if I can make a formula work for my situation.

I have Amazon Brand pages I want to put in a column named BRAND.
The links are like this:

When I enter that url in the cell in Airtable I would just like to see hyperlink text of the Brand name which is “Do Not touch My Natural Hair Shirts”

Is this possible based on your example?


+1 for custom link text


I am new to Airtable as of today and was already quite sold on how it could improve on many Google Sheets tables I currently have that are basically very specific databases with relatively few records. But then I stumbled upon this issue – having to split every field that has a linked text into one text field and one URL field is quite a bummer and really surprising. So, +1 from me too for this feature. And I will have to see how much of a dealbreaker missing it is.


+1 Bumping this. I love airtables so far, but a more dynamic text editor is CRUCIAL.


+1 for custom link text. I too would really like this feature. Any updates yet?


mailto links work on the web version of airtable but not on the android version.

mailto:a@b.com,c@d.com on the web version will create an email addresses to both emails.

on the android version the comma is NOT recognized as part of the mailto link so it fails.


Thanks for this. The link works, but is displayed as "mailto:email@address.com", which… does not look very professional.

HTML editing really just needs to be enabled here…please update.

Improve URL Type - Hyperlinks, Icons, & Multiples

bump for pretty URLs :slight_smile:


This is a basic feature. Trivial…


I have airtable of the contents of a google drive. I have a record that names the title. I have a URL that will open the document on google drive. I WANT TO HAVE A TITLE THAT IS CLICKABLE to the URL. Is there a formula I can do?


+1 for this, please implement as this is a basic feature.