URL--Text to Display Feature


Another +1 for me! One of those things that’s going to change the game for a lot of Airtable users.


Here’s how google does it!


+1 for me as well. Thank you


Can’t believe this is still a feature request… +1


Is this still not a thing? I want to be highlight/select a text, do command+k (as is standard) and add hyperlink. So my text says “Airtable” but it’s hyperlinked and clickable. You can easily do this in Google sheets. Is this really not a thing in Airtable?


Just adding my grievance with this not yet being a feature!


+100000 on this!! The use cases are countless and this has been requested so many times. COME ON!


Couldn’t agree more that this feature would be GREAT to have! Please make this a thing.



Is the team still working on the platform? This has been requested since 2016 and I don’t see anything being done. Text based hyperlinks are something fundamental and is expected for platforms like this.


I just signed up today and this was the first thing I wanted to do. I’ll have to get a refund as they’re don’t seem to care about this feature.


Trying to switch from Google Sheets. So far, this is the only feature i miss, and probably will wait for it to be added before switching :-(.


plus 1. Also, does anyone know if you can currently have a url field entered in a page designer block be clickable?