URL via rich text opens browser page on computer, but...not in mobile app?

I understand a URL-designated field can only hold a single URL. Thus, my query.

Some of my fields need to contain a URL plus explanatory text, or multiple URLs. For that reason, I set that field as “Long Text,” then use rich text to embed a URL behind the website name.

Ex: Visible text reads “ScotlandsPeople,” but the lengthy embedded URL points to a specific page on the SP website.

When using Airtable on the laptop, clicking one of these embedded links opens a new browser tab, to the desired page. On the mobile app, however, the front-facing text (that has the embedded link behind it) appears and behaves as just text. Not blue with an underscore. No embedded link. No fly-open icon to click. Just dead text.

Am I missing something? Seems if the rich text option exists to embed a full URL behind text in the desktop version of Airtable, it ought to work in the mobile version too.


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