Usage as an daily email sender


I’m very new to Airtable and had a question on usage.

I want to use Airtable for personal use: As a repository for my ideas / notes / learnings.

And, i want to be have Airtable (or an integration app) to be able to pull a random record from a table and send me an email (on a daily / weekly cadence). [Could be from a randomized sorting of all the records and go one by one]

Is this a good use case for Airtable? And please let me know if anyone has any pointers on how to do this? (i can code & write sql, not sure if there is a scripting platform for Airtable)

Thank you

Airtable provides an API with CRUD (Create Read Update Delete) operations.
You will most probably need to use that.

Thinking of the top of my head you will want to sort the records in some random order.
There is a unique id associated with each record accessible via the RECORD_ID() formula
Your best bet would be to sort on that field.

After that keep fetching a single record everyday by passing the maxRecords as 1 when you are making an API call and keep track of the returned offset to use in further API calls.

Once you have fetched the above record you can then send an email to your self with the help of any language of your choice…probably the one you used to access the Airtable API with.