Use a formula or is there a condition I can use

Let me explain.
I have a base in which I keep track of all the series I watch.
The fields are;
Name, season and then for all the episodes, I use a checkbox
From some of the series, I know how many episodes there are, but from others, I have no idea.
So every time I had watched an episode, I will check it off.
If I want to check, what was the last episode I had watched, I need to scroll to the right to see which is the last I checked off.
Now I was wondering and thinking of changing my base as;
Name, Season, Last Episode and then the row of episode numbers to check.
For the " Last Episode" is there a way to use a formula or condition so it will show the last checked off episode?
I hope it is clear.
Many thanks in advance for all your help and tips.

Hey! there’s definitely a lot of ways you can do this - But it all depends on how you’ve configured your base. Do you have a few screenshots you can share?

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I get the message that I cannot attach a picture to the post.
I will try to post it seperate
It is just a simple base.
I am still a newbie to Airtable :wink:
And I am using the FREE option.
Right now, that is enough for me.
Thanks in advance for your help and tips

Sorry but I am still getting the message that I cannot post a picture.
No idea how to give you a screenshot.
But it looks like this.
The first field is called Name and is has the title of the series.
The second field is called Season and it is a number field, integer
The next field is called E01 and it is a check field. (This goes on until E23)
For example it looks like this;
Name Season E01 E02 E03 …
Counting Cars 5 v v v

What I would like to do is;
Name Season Last Episode E01 E02 E03 E04 …
Counting Cars 5 3 v v v

I hope this is a bit clear.
(The layout doesn’t look so nice in the post, but there need to be more spaces between the separate parts)

Hey Pierre,

I’m really going to need to see a screenshot - You can add one in your reply by clicking this button [meta alert]

I was with you up until “all the episodes” I use a checkbox. Please can you detail what you mean here? Do you mean you use a checkbox to denote whether all the episodes have been watched, or do you mean you use a checkbox once you watch an individual episode. Because if it’s the latter, I’m assuming you are using another table to track this?

Thats what I did.
I had choose to upload the picture from my computer
I selected the file and clicked UPLOAD
But as soon as I click Reply (at the bottom) I got a pop-up message saying that I can’t put a picture with this post.
I will try it again.
I will try to answer your question.
The first field is called “Name” and it is a text field. (This is the standard first field)
The field next to it, is called “Season”, this is a number field, integer.
The field next to it is called “E01” and it is a Checkbox
The field next to it is called “E02” and it is a Checkbox
And so on until “E23”
Every time I had watched a episode (E01, E02, E03…) I will check off the episode I had watched.
So I see the name of the serie, which season, and the “ticks” if I had watched a episode.
Now I want to insert a new field between “Season” and “E01” with the name “Last Episode”
In this field I want to see the last episode I had watched, so the last E?? that is “ticked”
Again, I will try to insert a picture again.
Maybe there is something about what format is allowed or what size?

I tried to insert the screenshot, but every time I click on REPLY, I get the message
“Sorry, you can’t put images in a post”
I only can click OK and the popup will be gone.
I tried a different screenshot, but same result.
I think I am not allowed to do this.
But it is strange that you can.
I have no idea how else I can give you a screenshot.

I also tried to include a link to the screenshot on my google drive, but I am getting the popup message;
“Sorry, you can’t include a link in a post”

No problem. I honestly don’t think that you’re taking advantage of all of the features Airtable offers. I would recommend Perhaps a rethink of how you’ve structured your Database.

You might want to consider having a table for the Seasons, and then another for the episodes. I would perhaps consider that you look into the Airtable Universe for some inspiration


As I mention, I am new to Airtable and still discovering things.
I think I need to rethink my base.
This was my first setup and was thinking about maybe the watched episode to put it in a new table.
But the options with the ticks, I found it handy.
The link to the suggested base is very handy but complex.
But maybe I can still use some things from it.
Again, thanks for the help.

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