Use a formula to see if a record exists in a specific view?

Hi all,

I have a table where I want to have a “Cleared?” formula box that looks up if the current record also exists in a view, “Outstanding items”

In plain language, if an employee in “Pre-service” view also exists in the “Outstanding Items” view, place an :x:. Otherwise, if they don’t exist in the Outstanding Items view, place a :white_check_mark:

I am thinking the RECORD_ID() formula might work (catching an exception) but I can’t quite wrap my head around how to use it with a specific view.

Records don’t know what views they appear in.

However, these two views you mention are likely filtered, which means you could probably construct a formula that asks the same question as the filters do. If you ever change the views’ filters, you need to change the formula as well.

Without seeing your table structure, an example of what that formula could look like would be:

   AND(`each of your two views filter conditions separated as a comma`),

Yep thank you. That’s what I ended up doing with an OR statement checking each value = BLANK(). Cheers!

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