Use Airtable as a CMS (and more)!

Hey folks!

I use Airtable for literally everything. I’m constantly making new apps and automating processes for everything I do, whether it’s business or even just tracking personal stuff like gym progress.

One thing that I had always wanted for a long while has been to have the ability to create some really customized views of my Airtable data on a website.

Specifically, to bring some more interactivity to my tables and connect some of them to the outside world more easily. I wanted a way of hooking Airtable up to the web where I could use HTML/CSS to creatively display the data and let users interact with it. Basically, I wanted to be able to quickly prototype simple web apps utilizing Airtable as a backend, without the fuss of having to do a whole bunch of programming and maintaining a server for each new project I started.

I checked out a handful of existing solutions, but none of them did exactly what I wanted.

So now almost 6 months later… introducing: SheetDream! Check it out at

If you’re interested in seeing it in action, here’s a YouTube video where I show how you can use Airtable as a CMS by utilizing SheetDream:

SheetDream brings advanced connectivity to your Airtable tables, allowing you to interact with your Airtable data directly from your website, HTML-enabled platform or mobile app. SheetDream secures your API key on the server side and provides a suite of low code tools for quickly generating HTML/CSS to directly interact with your Airtable data live on your website or intranet portal.

Your data gets served from a cache that gets frequently synced with Airtable (every few minutes), so you don’t have to worry about any rate limiting or other such restrictions.

Some interesting use cases:

  • Using an Airtable base for candidate relationship management, and utilizing SheetDream to display and apply for open positions on a company website (the context of the above YouTube video)
  • Using SheetDream’s webhooks and API polling features to easily synchronize data to Airtable from a 3rd party platform’s API and displaying the data on a customized internal intranet dashboard
  • Displaying a Twitter feed live on a company website, using Airtable to moderate and curate the tweets that get displayed

I’ve got a lot more things planned for the future: an official Airtable Blocks App, more code generation features, easier 3rd party API integration, and much more. I’m excited to finally be sharing this with this wonderful community!



Wow this sounds really exciting! Nice work :raised_hands:

Just checking through your resources and this really does look amazing. My first thought is that I would love to see some examples of how to create linked catalogue and single record pages.

Excited to give this a try :smiley: