Use Airtable to present candidates to companies


I have a database of candidates that I would like to introduce to companies looking for staff. I want to email the database to 2000 companies offering a SEARCH HERE button which would allow them to enter skill sets they need and based on the search they would see only the appropriate candidates in KANBAN or Galley view. If they like a candidate then they would need to register and provide their information so that one of our recruiters can reach out to them.

I would also like to track the response by the companies using some sort of analytics.

Can this be done?



Airtable filters would do what you need in a Gallery or Kanban view. Or they could CTRL+F as well. The filters would be less straight forward as a ‘Search Here’ type of field, but there is a Search Block available on paid plans you could technically share (if you shared the base in its entirety as read only).

You could then have an Airtable form which outputs to a table in the same base or a different Airtable base for your feedback.



Thanks for your time. We have the blocks, so the search block is available to us. What we are trying to avoid is letting the client see the entire database, only a form that would let them search and then see only the candidates that the search brings up.



I see. You could include a link to your read-only view in the Form itself (in the description or as a field that just displays a URL), then they can view it before filling out the form itself. They would still need to use Filters or CTRL+F to search though in the Gallery/Kanban view though to find specific skills, etc.

Otherwise you may need to look into 3rd party or API tie-ins which might provide a more polished solution.