Use automation to copy attachment to new record

Hi all, I’m loving the new Automations in Airtable, but getting stuck on what I think should be a pretty simple thing…

I have a table that functions as an inbox for messages and attachments coming in via a Zapier integration from an email inbox.

And I want to then use Automations to copy these incoming records to various tables where they’ll be processed - I have a growing variety of incoming message types so want to split out the handling of each type to a dedicated table.

I can easily create new records and populate with much of the relevant data, but I cannot move an attachment(s) across to the new record in the second table.

What’s the easiest way to achieve that?


Use Zapier to create the new record if it has an attachment. Zapier will copy the attachment to the new record, but built in automation won’t for some reason.

Thanks for suggestion - I’ve found Zapier as it has its own issues with multiple attachments - -it ends up wrapping them into a zip archive which I want to avoid. Cheers

Try creating a formula that pulls out the attachment URL from the attachment field:

RIGHT(LEFT({Attachment Field}, LEN({Attachment Field}) - 1), LEN(LEFT({Attachment Field}, LEN({Attachment Field}) - 1)) - SEARCH(“https://”, {Attachment Field}) + 1)

Then reference that Formula Field in your automation to create a new attachment in another table.

Hope that helps!