Use button to pre fill a linked record field on a form with the same record ID as the button pressed


I have two tables - Orders and Shipments.

Orders are pre populated using an integration with Hubspot.

Shipments are created manually using a ‘Create Shipment’ form on the Shipments table.

I want to assign Shipments to Orders by clicking on a button in the record of the ‘Order’ named something like ‘Add Shipment’.

This should then open a URL for the ‘Create Shipment’ form on the Shipments table. Ideally here though I want to pre fill the Order Number of the record that I clicked the button on.

I have created a linked record field in the Shipments table which links to the Orders table.

I have then appended the following to the URL for the button: “prefill_Order Number={RECORD_ID}”

The linked record displays and I can choose the order number manually but it doesn’t pre fill.

Can you let me know where I’m going wrong if possible?


I would check out @kuovonne’s Prefilled Forms app, which guides you through the process of creating a prefill URL:

Thank you this has sorted it for me!

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