Use Checkboxes to Add selected Items?


Hey y’all,

I don’t know if anyone can help me here, but I’m trying to figure out how to make a formula that would:

Recognize when an option is selected via checkbox;then,
add the total cost of that item to a full sum of all selected items.

Does this make sense?

Basically, the utility is to choose catering options, and when each caterer or menu item is selected it adds towards a grand total.


Hi @Nick_O_Shea - this is definitely possible, but it sounds like you’ll want some further structure outside of just this one formula, in order to make a system that is going to work smoothly for you.

For example, you probably do not want to hardcode your prices into this formula. That would make them difficult and obscure to change if you ever need to change prices in the future. If you prices are listed in another table, then you can change them in the future easily by just interacting with that table. But you also don’t want to just change values that are used in the formula directly, because that will change all of your historical records as well. So what you want is a way to create Pricing Schedules, where you can implement a new pricing schedule that affects prices on all future orders, but doesn’t mutate the prices of past orders.

Lastly, I presume you’ll already have a structure for Orders built, but do you need to account for “Line Items” within an order? What if you want to make new items available on the menu? Do you have a system in place for that so that it’s not a disruptive ordeal in the future?

Hopefully that all makes sense - what I’m saying is, do you really need just this one formula, or do you need a solid and flexible system in place for managing catering orders? I’m happy to help with that as well. Just give us an idea of where you are at in the development of your system.


Thanks for the detailed response!

I’m really trying to give my manager a few choices when it comes to catering options for our event, and I’d like for him to have the possibility of “selecting” a few vendors (using the checkbox). The estimated cost for EACH vendor is then added to a final tally column, displaying the total cost for ALL vendors selected.

I can share the table if it would help? Cause I’m still a little lost, frankly haha


Ok - where are the estimated costs coming from? Do you have them in fields (columns) or do you just want them in the formula?