Use Regex to extract info form text

So awesome! I’m so thankful for your help. Thank you, Justin. This code works well. I did run into some trouble with the umlaut u - ü - and period after the numbered date for German, but I did some googling an came up with the following for languages with other characters. Sharing just in case someone else should find it helpful.

REGEX_EXTRACT({Name}& “”, “(?:\[de\-DE\])([A-Za-zÀ-ž\u0370-\u03FF\u0400-\u04FF*.\d\s]*)”)

Thanks again! :slight_smile:

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BUMP … please please please, can we have REGEX_MATCH() return an integer count of the matches found, instead of the boolean true/false? Such functionality would make my log parsing table a dream to work with.

I’m surprised REGEX_EXTRACT returns an ERROR when no match is found.

It’s similar to how the DATETIME_FORMAT() function returns an error when trying to format a date from an empty date field. As such, it doesn’t surprise me, though that doesn’t make it any less annoying. It just becomes one of those “this is how Airtable works” things that you have to log away for future reference. Similar to looking for a date before trying to format it, you have to look for a match with REGEX_MATCH() before trying to extract it.