Use Zapier to search for checkboxes

I have a table that functions as a checklist of sorts.
I am attempted to create a Zapier “zap” that, each Monday morning, searches the AirTable and updates any “checked” records as “unchecked”

Any help with how to search for checkbox fields?

You would need to set up a view that filters for “checked” records. Then perform a search against that view.

For doing things in bulk, our product (On2Air: Actions) would come in handy.

Dan (Openside)

My task list setup does this, though I use Integromat mainly so that I can do more complex things than Zapier’s two-step limit for free accounts. Add a “Search Records” Airtable search, choosing your base and table, and with the formula set to point to your checkbox field. The formula should use Airtable-style syntax, so wrap complex field names in curly braces. Here’s a snippet of my setup, which actually searches for any checked records (my checkbox field “name” is a check emoji) or records that are the “Scheduled” task type.


Connect this to an Airtable “Update a record” action, put the record link from your first step into the “Record Id” field, and set the checkbox field to “No”, like so:


Any records found in the first step will have their checkboxes unchecked in the second step. The last thing to do is set the schedule for the scenario to run, and you should be good to go.

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