useBase and useCursor not working properly

  • useCursor does not re-render my component when the active Table or active View changes
  • useBase does not re-render my component when I add or remove tables or when I rename fields

This was working a week ago. Any feedback?


Hey Luis,

Thank you for raising this bug. Our team has identified the issue and is working on a fix. I’ll follow up once we’ve made progress here.



Hey Luis - checking in here. Our team deployed fixes to the bug that disabled your component re-rendering. Can you double check that it’s working properly? Thanks!

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Hey Albrey,

It seems to be working as before except that useCursor() works slightly differently.
Before I was able to get the activeTableId property value synchronously when changing tables and when creating a new table, but not when deleting.
Now I can get it when changing or deleting tables but not when creating a new one.


const base = useBase();
const cursor = useCursor();
const table = base.getTableByIdIfExists(cursor.activeTableId);

When creating a new table cursor.activeTableId is null and this code will throw an error.
I understand that this may be expected and the developer should address that in his implementation; what’s worth mentioning is that it was working before and may affect some applications.

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Thanks for flagging, Luis. As you mentioned, we expect that behavior. Here’s the documentation for handling use cases like this for your reference.

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