User can unhide hidden columns when duplicating a locked view (bug?)

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I have a table with only 2 views. One is “Master” and is a personal view, and the other one is just a duplicate of “Master”, but with hidden columns, and it’s a locked view.

The idea was: Managers use the “Master” personal view, with all the information exposed, and our contractors use the duplicated locked view, with hidden columns (naturally they have a different login). Since they can’t unhide the columns, we thought this would prevent them from seeing sensible information.

However, when contractors duplicate the “Duplicate” view (as a personal view, or collaborative view), they are able to unhide the columns and see the sensible information.

Is this the expected behaviour? If so, what’s the best way to prevent contractors from accessing sensible information?


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Yes, what you are experiencing is how Airtable functions. All collaborators have access to all data in the base.

How to hide sensitive data depends on what data your contractors need to edit. Here are some options:

  • If your contractors need to edit data, use a third party portal, such as the one from Stacker or MiniExtensions. These services require a monthly fee.
  • If your contractors only need to view data, use an embedded shared view that shows only the data they need. Contractors could not edit existing data, but they could create new records using a form. This method is free.
  • A third option involves creating a synced table to a new base and giving contractors access to this new base. The contractors would have view-only access to the data in the synced table, but could edit other data in the base.
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