Users Description for Base, Table and Column to enhance the API Doc


The API Documentation is a great way, to communicate with developers!

It would be great to add a little more context to the data, to help developers handling it correctly.

The Base already has a description. This could be appended to the “Introduction” section of the API Documentation.

Descriptions for Tables and Columns

Description-Fields could be added to Tables and Columns as well. Helping to communicate the proper content of ambiguous fields.

Use Case:

Storing the production Data of print products in a base. In a print context the width of a page can be described with or without the page bleed. Additionally the description would help to communicate the unit used for the number field. A description for this field given by the author could be: »Width of the page in millimeter, measured widthout the bleed«

This could be appended to the description of the value in the API documentation.