Using Airtable as a CMS for Webflow (via Integromat)

I posted this also on the Integromat community, but I’m just also sharing here in case anyone has any smart ideas…

Q: How to sync Webflow CMS items between Airtable & Webflow via Integromat

I have the below scenario in Integromat, which attempts to do the following:

  1. Lists all Webflow CMS items in a collection
  2. Lists all Airtable items on a page
  3. Where the Webflow item ID exists, update the Airtable base with the relevant Webflow details
  4. Where the Webflow item doesn’t exist, create the item

The ‘update’ function works fine, but I can’t figure out how to get the filter for ‘if ItemID doesn’t exist’ to work properly. It creates multiple versions of the same record.

My filter is also attached as a screenshot.

Wondering if anyone has a similar scenario set up that they can help with / anyone can provide guidance on how to use Airtable as a CMS like this.

Hello @Alastair_Budge1 - I can help and sent you a DM. Chat soon

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Hello @cor, I’m using Airtable as a CMS for Webflow too, via Integromat. I’m having some difficulties with Create item / Update item filters.

If it’s not too much trouble, do you think you can post your flow here, please?

Oh wait. Think I found the issue.
‘Item’ was set to ‘Airtable ID’. But it should be ‘Webflow ID’. Now it works!

Would you have some feedback for the flow here? Thank you!

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Out of interest, what filters are you using here @halfandhalfnot? That is the part that I struggled to get to work…

Would you be happy to share a screenshot of the ones to check whether a record does / doesn’t exist? Thanks :pray:

Hi @Alastair_Budge1, sure! The filter I used was ‘Webflow ID Exists’ or Does Not Exist.

Here’s what I did:

  • I created a column in my Airtable, and named it ‘Webflow ID’.

  • I imagine for my case, there can only be two scenarios. Either the item is already in my Webflow CMS, or it’s not.

  • Every item that has been uploaded to the Webflow CMS should have this ‘Webflow ID’. (Note: there are two IDs in Webflow. One is ‘Webflow Collection ID’, another is ‘Webflow Item ID’). We want the ‘Webflow Item ID’. You can find it in your Webflow CMS Collection.

  • If the item has been uploaded to your Webflow CMS, the ‘Webflow ID’ Exists. So we’ll just need to ‘Update Item’.

  • If the item is a new entry in Airtable, it hasn’t been uploaded to your Webflow CMS, the Webflow ID would Not Exist. In this case, we’ll need to ‘Create Item’.

  • Now, I’m not sure if what you were facing was the same issue I had the first time. What I got wrong was the configuration of Item ID in the ‘Update Item’ flow. I thought Item ID was the Airtable ID. It should be the Webflow ID instead.

Hope this helps! Let me know if it works for you.

P.S. Not sure if you’ve read this, I found this post helpful!

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Nice stuff, that solves it - thank you!

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