Using airtable as database for an external website made in Laravel


Step 1 : I want to create a database of all startups in Belgium. I will call all startups myself, ask them questions, and register the answers manually in my airtabel database. This, I know how to do myself.

Step 2 : I want to get a website developed ( preferably in laravel ), that must publish all startups, using ( extracting ) the data from the airtable. So visitors of the website can see all startups, and use filters on the website to search, filter, save etc…the startupdata they search for.

My question : can this be done ? And if yes, how to connect airtable with an extarnal website ? Is this difficult ? Costly ? Or can I use airtable itself to get this done ?

Thanks for helping me out !

Hey Ivan,

If it doesn’t necessarily have to be built on Laravel, there are no-code tools that’ll let you accomplish what you’ve described much easier.

We’ve created one called Softr, which is a no-code tool for building websites and web apps powered by Airtable. You can set it up really quickly, and there are several templates to get you started. This one, for instance, might be suitable for your startup directory.

Hello Narek

Thank you for the suggestion.
Can we have a video call on this matter ? It seems as something that might be interesting.


Hey Ivan,

Thanks for your interest. Please, go ahead and drop a message through the live chat on, so that we can arrange a call.


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