Using an existing document as a "block report"


I want to use an existing file (pdf, jpg or what every) then create a “Block” or whatever way there is, to create a report I can print. I have looked through help and don’t see a way to so this.


You mean in an Attachment field?


No but I figured it out. I wanted a pre-existing file (a form) to be filled in… I found that I could use a jpg as a static file.

It is stupid they way it is done because you have to put the file on the web somewhere and put in a link instead of just uploading the file…

The block area airtable needs some work link a way to select and align fields.


Most of my Page Designer work depends on as exact alignment as is possible given the current state of web fonts. It’s less than optimal, but in Page Designer fields can be aligned by selecting the field or text block and manually entering x and y coordinates.