Using another table for a group by field in Kanban view

I’d like to use a Kanban style view for assigning categories to items, with the categories being values in another table. The items I want to sort are Organizations, and I want to sort them into career interest areas: e.g. Tech, Government, Design, etc. These Interest Areas are in another table, and are a linked field in the Organizations table. If I group the grid view by Interest Area, I can’t drag and drop the orgs to categorize them. I’d really love to do this in a kanban view - it’s easier to drag and drop items. But when selecting a group by field it doesn’t seem to allow me to use a field from another table, even if I set the field to only allow a one to one relationship. Any other ways to do this that I’m missing?

Kanban views must be based on either a single-select field or a collaborator field. So I would move your categories into the current table as a single-select field.

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