Using API to add/remove/edit a field?

I want to allow a customer of mine to export the data on AirTable.
I figured that if the customer put the API key, my program can do the rest, specifically:

  • create a table with specific fields
  • put the data in

As far as I understood point 2 is easy but point 1 is impossible with current set of API.

Is that true?

PS: I noticed that there is a way to create a table using the Airtable Blocks API but is that only for frontend apps? Or can I work with them on a NodeJS instance?

Hi, bumping up hoping for someone who knows how to do it.

You can create fields in a custom app but not the rest api.

In general, if the documentation doesn’t say how to do something, and you cannot break the task into smaller things that the documentation says can be done, it cannot be done.

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