Using both created time field + date field for two sets of data


I created a form for simple data entry and am including a “Created time” field so users will not have to manually fill in the date the form was submitted. The issue is, I also have legacy data from an old system that I want to import into the same table as the form submissions so the old data and any new data can be analyzed as a whole. This old data is organized by date and those dates are important to retain. When I add any old data into the table, the Created time field auto-fills to today’s date and I am unable to change it to the correct date.

Are there any solutions for maintaining the Created time field, but also maintaining the correct dates for the old data? The only option I’ve thought of is converting the Created time field to a Date field, but that would mean anyone submitting new data via the form would have to manually enter the date.

Thanks in advance!

You need 3 fields:

  • {Created Time}: the one you already have,
  • {Legacy Created Time}: a regular date field into which you will map your imported data to, and
  • {True Created Time}: a formula that outputs IF({Legacy Created Time}, {Legacy Created Time}, {Created Time})

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