Using conditional logic in forms - using a field multiple times

Hey all! Anyone have experience using conditional logic in the Airtable Forms view? I am using it currently to conditionally show a field based on the input of the type of product category the user filling out the form selects (to help skinny down the list of options for the user). It works brilliantly except one important piece:

The user can select from 12 different categories. If the user doesn’t select the category in the field I just conditionally defined nothing shows up from that field for the other 11 categories (which I have as a linked field to another table so that it autopopulates all the options that a user can apply).

Short of creating 11 other linked fields – is there a way to “duplicate” or copy the field I defined and just switch the condition to show the different options for one of the other 11 selected categories (i.e., the else conditions?)

Thanks for any thoughts.

Hi Justin, I think it would help if you’d share a screenshot of your forms and what you’re exactly doing. Best, Rupert

Unfortunately the type of setup that you describe isn’t possible with Airtable’s form view. While field visibility can be controlled using form conditions, field options and contents cannot.

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@Rupert_Hoffschmidt I was about to share… but it seems like what I’m describing isn’t possible.

@Justin_Barrett Thanks for saving me additional time letting my inexperience drive a fool’s errand.

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