I need to use DATETIME_FORMAT two times in my IF formula, otherwise it won’t show the date correcty.

Screenshot 2021-03-17 at 13.00.58

Screenshot 2021-03-17 at 13.01.10

The current formula that I am using is:
IF({Execute day (before/after)}=BLANK(),{PROJECT DEADLINE},DATETIME_FORMAT(DATEADD({PROJECT DEADLINE},{Execute day (before/after)},‘days’),‘D-MMM-YYYY’))

Can’t figure out where I am supposed to add the first DATETIME_FORMAT formula.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated!

Hello and welcome @Frederik_van_Dierme1!

Looking at your formula I believe you are missing the DATETIME_FORMAT() for the Project deadline in the “true” evaluation of your IF() statement.

I believe the formula should look like the following:

    {Execute day (before/after)}=BLANK(),
    DATETIME_FORMAT(DATEADD({PROJECT DEADLINE},{Execute day (before/after)},‘days’),‘D-MMM-YYYY’)

Let me know if I can help provide any more information, and if this helped answer your question please mark it as the solution :white_check_mark:.

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