Using Form Responses to Create Junction Table to Calculate Assembly Cost

I am looking for suggestions on how to compute the cost of an assembly configured by a customer through a form. I think I want to create a junction table based on the form responses but have not found a way to do this. Linked records seem to be only selectable through manual entry and initial exploration using Zapier indicates that it will only create a single row/record and not enter all the line items of the assembly. I am new to Zapier and have not played with multi-step Zaps yet, but our assemblies are typically 50+ items, so if each line item required a step, that doesn’t seem very efficient - and potentially also cannot create a linked value.

Here is a simplified version of the form that the customer would fill out:

Here is the Form Data table with some example data filled in:

Here is the Items table:

Here is the Assemblies table that I have created manually and would like to create automatically based on new form data:

I would ideally feed the assembly total back to the Form Data table so I could use it to create and email a sales order.

Bumping this. Anyone run into this transpose issue? Find a working solution?

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