Using forms to collect data as an applet on iphone

I am attempting to create a payroll form for contractors to submit their hours on a daily basis. How do they take the shared form link I email them and have it installed on their IOS device as an app-let for daily submissions? I know how to create the link, its the other end of the install I am having issues with. Many thanks for your help.

Is your form an Airtable form view? If so, users can save the webpage to their home screen, just like saving any other webpage to the home screen. When they tap the icon, it will open the webpage in the browser.

Thank you Kuovonne. It is an Airtable form view.

I have sorted it out.

The issue was using Chrome on an Iphone. Once I manually entered the Airtable link into the Safari browser, the option to “Add to Homescreen” appeared.

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