Using German number format


Can I set-up AirTable to use the German number format which uses comma (,) for decimal place and dot(.) for thousand separator ? I mostly hace to create reports which require german formatting. It’s a real pain to download in excel and reformat it.




Did you try using the SUBSTITUTE() function?
If you need comma and decimal for a large number with high precision, I can see how this would may not work well.



It’s not an ideal solution, but my numeric ‘pretty-print’ formatting routines allow you to specify decimal and thousands separators (as well as supporting a fixed number of decimal places, use of parentheses to show negative values, column alignment by decimal, and the like). They do result in the conversion of numeric values to text strings, so you may need to ‘shadow’ your numeric fields with equivalent text fields. Again, not perfect — but definitely simpler than having to export to Excel just to reformat.