Using grouped totals on a new page

I have a column of our total bins sold, which is then grouped by size. What I would like to be able to do is take our “total bins on hand” and then subtract the total ordered, as listed in these columns.

So basically if we have 25 ‘1805 bins’ on hand, and we’ve sold 10 of those, I want to know how many I have remaining. We sell numerous sizes of bins. I need to know per size.

I have my table made to track my orders, now I just need to link that to our total Bins to sell . If that makes sense. I tried to attach a photo here but it says I can’t.
I am very new to airtable so hopefully I’m working in the right direction here. Trying to very simply track our inventory.

Hi There,
Maybe you can create another table and link it to the Bins table, the using the “Rollup” feature you can get the sums.


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