Using for time field

I’m using Eazyform app to get time slots separate from the date/time field. I am having trouble then figuring out what formula to use to calculate total hours for employee scheduling.

Additionally I would like to be able to view in a Calendar view.

Hi @Leslie_Miller

Duration fields (start time & end time) store their value in seconds. In your “total hours” field, divide by 3600 to calculate the hours.

You will need at least 1 date field for this.

Duration fields store their time in seconds, not minutes. They display as minutes but when used in formula fields they are seconds.

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Yes, went a little to fast there.

That didn’t quite work
I had
{End Time} - {Start Time}/3600

Use brackets: ({End Time} - {Start Time})/3600

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Good ol’ PEMDAS

I have a new question to get the result I am looking for

How can I get a Date/Time field to auto populate based 2 duration fields and 1 date field?

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