Using Integromat to Copy Records to New A New Base

I hope this is a simple answer as I feel I’m really close to figuring it out, but just don’t have enough knowledge or experience to push it past the finish line.

What I would like to do is essentially move archive records to a new base for reporting purposes and security purposes.

What I have done thus far:

Built a search work rule to pull out all records in a Complete Orders view. This table contains linked fields to other tables to keep data integrity.

Built a create record work rule and mapped the fields.

This seems to work from a functional standpoint - meaning, it executes and seems to update the fields in the Archive Base, but the fields with linked records are just the record id and not the “human readable” text.

How do I get past this.

Any help greatly appreciated!


When editing that module, make sure “Smart links” is checked which is at the bottom.


I tried it with the Smart Links enabled at the bottom. Maybe I’m doing something wrong because I receive the same behavior.

Thank you for your help.