Using rollup to find the minimum date of a lookup field

Hi - I’m trying to rollup a look up date field to find the earliest date but all I’m getting are values of ‘0’. Here’s how I’m set up:

Table A: Contains a list of events per location. For example, Location A on 1/1/2022, Location A on 1/2/2022, and so on where each location + event date is a unique row. I also created a formula field (Formatted Event Date) for the event date: DATETIME_FORMAT({Event Date},‘M/D/YYYY’)
Table B: Contains a list of locations and a lookup on Table A for Formatted Event Date. I tried creating a rollup on Table A for Formatted Event Date using MIN(Values) but it’s returning all ‘0’.

Is there a better way to rollup dates so that it’s formatted correctly??

You have to Rollup the actual dates. A formatted date becomes a string (text), so it makes no sense search the MIN() of a bunch of texts.

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